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ABOUT ALTERNA COMICS Founded in 2006 by current president and publisher Peter Simeti, Alterna Comics titles are distributed worldwide in print and digital formats and in several languages. A creator-owned comic book publisher, Alterna creators own the licensing and merchandising rights to their creations. Alterna Comics titles are distributed to the comic market by Diamond […]


I went to the rAge Expo in October, bought comics from a collective called Sector Comics. The 3 issues I got consist of 3 separate stories inside, as the writer puts it “Think about this insanity for a second: there are like, three whole universes in your hands right now”. The stories are short and […]


Everyone dies at some point right? I mean death is the final chapter right? So how do you weave the end of ones life to the beginning of their story? You read Time Warriors. We meet our characters on their way to being debriefed on their final assignment before graduation. One of the requirements is […]


Another alien invasion means another day at the office for Captain Gorgeous. For us it’s reading about this “ordinary” guy who reminds us that his job is to save people, but getting out of bed can be anyone’s Kryptonite. Captain Gorgeous has one of those demanding jobs that need a personality of a go-getter to […]


Just to start this off on a tangent, I think we tease Batman because he doesn’t behave like a normal person, no one liners no looking ahead and saying “I would like to go do this when I’m done been Batman” nothing! Just cracking skulls and looking cool. These days it’s as if YouTube exists […]


So if you read the first issue you might have noticed a few things about our hero. One of them being he was STALKING Melody Malone. Poor girl, it’s not like Captain Gorgeous is a splitting image of Superman, he’s literally a guy who just got given super powers…and apparently stalking is one of them. […]


Thanks to the popularity of the comic book blockbuster, more and more people are starting to read comics. Hopefully this is not a fed but genuine appeal and identification with the characters. I mean we love these fictional characters because we identify with them right? So I’m gonna touch on characters that have in some way […]


Wynter #1 review “Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you why I Liz Wynter am no one special” There’s nothing that annoys me like emo teens. Either they are from a galaxy far […]


To me a story with potential is one that sets up all its players and world setting in place to build up to something grand. I don’t care if it’s just me, Goof has all the right pieces to be a great story. I’m hooked. It’s got vibrant art with good comedic energy. It wants […]